KS1 Christmas Concert Mandarin song

Our Y2 sang the Mandarin version We wish you a Merry Christmas today. It was a lovely song. Well done to Y2. And such a great KS1 concert this afternoon. Wish everybody has a great holiday.


KS2 Christmas Concert-Mandarin song

Our Y5 and Y6 children sang in Mandarin at the concert. It was so lovely singing. Well done to all the children. Have a great holiday. 圣诞快乐,新年快乐。


Chinese game Tangram

This week’s mandarin lunch club, KS1 children learned to play a game originated from China, Tangram. They managed to shaped the 7 pieces in different forms. They chose an animal  learned from Mandarin lesson and wrote it down. Very impressive good writing! Very well done!

IMG_0110 (1)IMG_0121IMG_0130IMG_0133IMG_0134IMG_0139IMG_0143IMG_0150IMG_0153IMG_0155


Y2 Family Project

Our Y2 learned how to say the family names in Mandarin. They could recognise the family names in Chinese and copied them on the sheet. We used some days to make it a big project. They copied the family names and coloured them. They shared the great work with their class. This afternoon, we had our gallery. All the children’s work were displayed in the hall and the Y2 visited our gallery. What a nice afternoon with so many excellent Chinese writing and beautiful art work.