Chinese National Day 1st October

It’s the national day of the People’s Republic of China on 1st October. To my dear country,


World Confucius Week 2015

Last week we had the World Confucius Week project. It was amazing that our children learned Chinese idioms 成语: 鱼跃龙门 (Fish jumped over the dragon and became dragons.) and 亡羊补牢 (It was not too late to correct the mistake if you found you lost one sheep.). I was not only amazed by the children’s different perspectives on seeing the stories but also by their funny drama plays. Well done to all the children. (Idioms video attached at the end of this blog.)

In this week, we watched videos about the two idioms. Then children had a discussion with their shoulder partner and the class.

In children’s reflection, some children said they would never give up until they achieve it. They will also encourage their friend not giving up too. Some children said they would fix the hole on the wall immediately once they found the sheep missing. So they would not lose another sheep. Some children imagined they were the sheep and they would get freedom after they went out. All these brilliant ideas were lovely. In the future, I hope our children never give up. If there was a mistake they would correct themselves.

Isobel wrote in her reflection, ‘If I were the blue fish, I would keep trying until I got over the dragon gate. Next I would fly back to my friends and tell them to keep trying until the did it and became a dragon.

Izzi from 3MD wrote in her reflection, ‘If I were the sheep, I would try to stop the two missing sheet. So now me and my three friends miss the two sheep. We wish they would come back for us. So that we coudl come with them. But we all love the farmer so instead they come back.’ In her mind, friendship is more important than the hole on the wall. She wished to stayed with her friends.

鱼跃龙门 (Fish jumped over the dragon gate)

亡羊补牢(Fix the hole on the wall after farmer lost sheep)

Y6 made short plays after they discussed the idioms. I enjoyed watching their rehearsals and the show.

As the last part of World Confucius Day project, we had Mid-Autumn Festival review. It was great to see lots of children remembered the story. Well done on the quiz too. I also loved that children told me they saw the moon on Sunday. It was super moon this year.