We are learning to describe where the things are.

In this week, we learned how to say On, Under and Inside in Mandarin. We also made lots of sentences to describe where the things are. Let’s have a look and see if you can tell where they are.



Celebrate the teammate work

We had 4 Y4 children demonstrated a structure we practised this week. When everybody from the team finished one sentence, the other three people give a response. When everybody from the team finished, they should celebrate (quietly) once. Then followed by another round practice.


Measure word in Mandarin

In Mandarin, there are some words called Measure Words those are very different from English. When you count something, you must put a Measure Word between the number and the thing you want to count.

We call these words Measure Word because when we count things, we measure its the shape or the size. For example, water doesn’t have a shape, but when you put water in a glass, we can say ‘It is a glass of water’. There are some Measure words in Mandarin. According to the shape or size of the things you count, you need to choose the right Measure word.

At the moment, we learned three Measure Words: 只(small animals),个(most commonly used measure words. for now, it is for people),口(when you talk about there are some people in my family).

Don’t forgot when the number is TWO, we don’t say 二, instead, we need to say 两(liang3)