Y2 Chinese character workshop

This week, we had our Y2 did character workshop. Our children paired up the characters with the images and translated their meanings into English. Well done Y2.



旅行计划 Travel Plan

After learning how to say a future tense sentence in Mandarin:  我想去+place (I would like to go to + place), our Year 5 children learned a province in China called Sichuan, which has many magnificent scenic and cultural attractions.

Besides, students learned some basic information of this province, such as its location, area, climate, capital city, etc. As well as its most famous top 5 attractions and how to get there.

Then year 5 children managed to create a travel plan booklet for a holiday. We have lots of very well designed and detailed travel plans with beautiful character writings. Very well done year 5s!





Video conference with China

IMG_0913IMG_0910IMG_0885IMG_0901IMG_0860We were very pleased to meet our partner school students in China today. We had 18 children from different year groups attended this event. They practised their Mandarin and understood something from our partner school. It was really great time but quality time flies. Hopefully next time we have a bit longer time to meet our Chinese friends. Zai jian our friends.

IMG_1937IMG_0860 (1)IMG_0877IMG_0892IMG_0908