MAPP Day-Chinese Movable Printing

We had a great day on MAPP Day to experience Chinese movable printing (活字印刷). Each child made a key ring and took it home. We also made a display board with our school values.



Last three weeks workshop


We changed our plans for the last three weeks as we really hope our children could had some time to experience Chinese culture. We made 6 choices for Y2, Y4 and Y5 to choose. It went really well with the workshop.

Some Y2 children did treasure hunt. They looked for the notes with the words we learned in pond area and see how many notes they found as a team. They translated the words to get extra points.


Some other classes did origami.


Some classes did Ban Yu Qiu (板羽球).

We had 2MG made a paper Great Wall after knowing the history of the Great Wall of China.



Language Day 2017


We had our lovely annual Language Day this year. It was so amazing to see our children experience Spanish, French and some different cultures. We were awarded Excellent Reward for International School as we developed our fantastic languages in Rosendale.


We had children played a game that is very similar to badminton. IMG_0366

We had our Y2 did paper folding workshop. After they made some animals, they made their own stories and shared them with their teammates.