Y5 and Y6 Chinese New Year assembly

We were very lucky to have 5 Y12 students from Dulwich College visited us yesterday and delivered a Chinese New Year assembly. They told us the 12 animal story and New Year food. Our children learned how to say ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Good luck’ in Mandarin. The quiz went really well as well. Almost all the students wanted to answer the questions. Some of our children got fortune cookies. At the end of the assembly, our Mandarin teacher interviewed the Y12 students in Mandarin about their names, age, what sports they like and what languages they can speak etc. Our Y5 and Y6 children reflected what they heard. Thank you for a wonderful assembly.



Mandarin lunch club for KS1 and KS2

Our Mandarin Lunch Club restarted today for the Spring Term. Well done to the 20 KS1 children and 15 KS2 children who attended the lunch club.

If you would like to attend the lunch club, all the KS1 and K2 children are welcome. We have online club on Monday and Tuesday. You can choose to come one one day or both days to ICT suite after your lunch. You can work on Memrise or Linguascope website to practise Mandarin. You don’t need to register this club, just show up after your lunch. However, the places are limited.

For the KS1, there is another lunch club that Gan Laoshi runs. You need to register this one and come after your lunch. If you have any inquiry, please ask our Mandarin teachers in language office.


We have a Y2 boy achieved 100 points today in a game. I think it was the highest point I have ever seen. Well done. IMG_0613IMG_0615