Where have you been?

After practicing our speaking skill on the topic of country and city names, as well as telling the sentences of ”  我去过…/我没有去过…(I have been to…/ I haven’t been to…), Year 5 and year 6 students learned and practiced writing the sentences of  我去过…/我没有去过…(I have been to…/ I haven’t been to…)

This week, Year 5 and Year 6 children worked together and created a poster showing where they have been to and where their haven’t been to. Children did a lot of beautiful writing of sentences and glued them on a vintage like map of the world. All the posters are now displayed on the KS2 hall.

Well done!


After they children made the posters, we put all the posters in the hall and let them record who has been to where and some places they haven’t been to in English on the form. When they returned their classroom, they need to do pair work and tell their partner what they recorded in Mandarin.

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Character Stamp

This week’s Mandarin club, KS2 children made potato stamps with a Chinese character on it.

They first needed to write the character “吉” on a half of a baby potato, which means good luck. Then they carved the their writing with a pencil. After that they stamped the potato in red paint and then onto a Chinese postcard.

These children managed to finished their potato stamps very well within a very limited after lunch time.

Well done children!



Listen to our visitors to talk about China and Chinese

We are very lucky to have Harris, Izzi and Lily from SOAS today to talk to our Y6 children about what they experienced in China and some nice things about why they learn Mandarin. It was lovely to know about the food, Chinese New Year and had a look at the books they brought. I liked the funny stories those they shared. I do hope that one day, our children have the opportunity to visit China.