5ST and 5TM Trip to Chinatown

We had a great day yesterday in Chinatown. We saw many lanterns and red decorations there. The food was amazing as well. Using chopsticks was a big challenge. Well done to those who used chopsticks for the whole lunch. I hope you all gained some good experience on Chinese culture. Xin Nian Hao.

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Brilliant Chinese New Year workshop today-Well done to 3IA, 3OD, 3ND and 2AF

Well done to Y3 and 2AF today for working on the Chinese New Year celebration. It was great to see that you know many facts about CNY. We had NY workshop, Chinese calligraphy, Paper cutting and using chopsticks. Hope you have showed your work to you parents already. Happy New Year to you.


Making dumplings-We started to celebrate Chinese New Year

We had a great cooking lesson with 4TR yesterday as part of Chinese New Year celebration at Rosendale. They made dumplings and tasted it. It was fantastic to see you could make dumplings by yourselves. I hope you can still remember how to make them and maybe you can try at home.