Monkey King/Journey to the West-A book you can borrow

If you would like to read the story about Monkey King(Journey to the West), please come to Language Office in KS1 (Upstairs in the hall, it is opposite of Radio room) to book a copy from Miss Kou, Mandarin teacher.


Journey to the West-Monkey King

As this year is the year of Monkey, we learned a lot about Monkey King, and a great book called The Journey to the West. There were 8 teachers told me that that they watched this TV series when they were very young. Our lesson brought their childhood memory back.

I found this TV series with English subtitle you may want to watch. On the right hand side of the video, you can see the whole episode. This TV series was filmed in 1986 when I was a young girl. It took a very important part of my childhood. Every summer holiday and winter holiday, lots of children looked forward to seeing this TV series. It is unforgettable for three generations in China.