One of our Y2 children wrote Chinese numbers

Dinah from 2MC wrote numbers upto 51 all by herself. She learned numbers buy herself as well. What a lovely piece of writing on the first day back đŸ™‚



Chinese New Year Workshop with year 5

In the past  two weeks, we celebrate Chinese New Year in Rosendale. In year 5 we learned the folk art of paper cutting and learn some moves of Taiji Kungfu Fan.IMG_0586IMG_0597IMG_0588IMG_0478IMG_0483IMG_0449IMG_0487IMG_0480IMG_0453IMG_0490IMG_0493IMG_0494


Chinese New Year Celebration

We had great celebration at Rosendale this year. We had many classes doing workshops about Chinese culture. We had the whole school assembly to celebrate the most important festival in China. Thank you for all the children who contributed during this festival. It is still the Chinese New Year holiday until the Lantern Festival on 19 February. Happy the Year of Pig.

IMG_2063IMG_2068 (1)IMG_2069IMG_2070IMG_2071IMG_2078IMG_2079IMG_2085IMG_2090IMG_2099IMG_2103IMG_2106IMG_2107IMG_2108IMG_2109IMG_2111IMG_2063