A big success of today’s Mandarin singing performance at Confucius Insitutute Summit-Well done to our children

Our Mandarin singing at Confucius Institute Summit today was a big success. Our children were so amazing. They had beautiful voice and they performed very confident. The audience liked the songs very much. Well done for our children. You worked so hard for the last four weeks. The audience were amazed by your fantastic Mandarin songs. They all understood your Chinese. WELL DONE. I am so proud of you.


Second song for Mandarin singing group

We have the second (also the last song) for the Mandarin singing group. Please practise it at home with the lyrics below.


Song for Mandarin singing group

If you are in the Mandarin singing group, you can listen to the song here and practise at home. Good luck with your practice. Here are three links for the same song. Just see which one you can open.