Paper Cutting

Earlier this week, our KS1 children in Mandarin Lunch Club did some Chinese paper cutting. We learned that it’s a tradition to decorate the house with paper cutting for Chinese New Year. In the club, KS1 children made a paper cutting of the character of 春 which means Spring. Chinese New Year is also a time to celebrate the coming spring season.



Y6 Chinese Bowl Dance 顶碗舞

We had our Y6 did the Bowl Dancing workshop this week. The bowl dance is from Inner Mongolia ethnic minority nation. It is a way of welcome guest. The dancers put a bowl or some bowls on their heads and dance. It is a bit tricky to dance in this way as the dancers’ heads should remain still but shake their shoulders. They can also spin. Wow.

Our children had some time to practise to keep a cup on their heads and walk and spin. Some of them could even shake their shoulders. Well done for trying very hard.



Here are some video clicks that we found online. Here are Chinese zodiac story and Nian story.

Xin Nian Hao (Happy New Year) to everybody. We wish you a great Year of the Dog.

Happy New Year song in Mandarin. Thank you Little Fox Chinese for posting this song.


Modern ways of celebrating Chinese New Year

edited a few videos those we found online to show our children the modern way to prepare the Chinese New Year. These videos were showed during the whole school assembly.

Thank you for our Y5 and Y6 children who recorded the voice for the video.

Chinese New Year Purchase-Prepare for the big celebration by shopping online instead of visiting the New Year market.

Mobile red envelope is replacing the actual paper red envelope now. In this way, we can save the money that we received on the online banking or purchase online.

Is there anything else that you know about this celebration and how people do it. Here is the last video that we edited with some video clicks that we found online. Hope you enjoy it.


Chinese New Year Whole School Assembly

It was so lovely that we celebrated Chinese New Year at Rosendale Primary School yesterday. Our children from Y5 and Y6 presented a great assembly.

Here is the song at the end of the assembly. The children performed so well.


Thank you Ms Brown for dressing up the Chinese lucky colour for Chinese New Year celebration.


Thank you Amy for bringing many pretty Chinese shoes and sharing them to other girls.