Y6 Shadow Puppet workshop

Last week, we started our shadow puppet workshop with Y6. The students made puppet characters about Sun Wu Kong, the character in ‘Journey to the West’. They will continue this week to do the puppet show.


fa17cc6d-d2d8-4c09-bd36-160c744bc9b7-12004-0000092df4ce269e_file03e0742c-abc8-4011-b631-9925e3b20f2c-12004-0000092e3af50733_file (1)8c8eaae6-c5a9-47a4-a799-8b914af2e03b-12004-0000092dceb97eae_file6e0a0c79-e141-4b8b-8077-4fb22d40b361-12004-0000092e1b512847_file03e0742c-abc8-4011-b631-9925e3b20f2c-12004-0000092e3af50733_file




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